Beautiful Facility

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We are always grateful that we can be at this beautiful facility with our auction horses. Great stalls, great riding ring with great footing. Horses feel at home. When people ask us what quarantine to use we for sure refer them to this great place.

Janko October 4, 2016

Facility is 5 Star

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Been coming for four years- Never had a bad experience. Horses are well looked after and the facility is 5 Star. Staff are always very friendly. The only problem I have is when they leave here, they have to go somewhere else.

Stevie Macken October 4, 2016

Look Forward to Many Years to Come

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I have been lucky enough to be able to quarantine my horses at Ossian Ventures with Rich Faver for 3 years now. Couldn’t ask for a better place for horses to get accustomed to Florida and get ready to start showing. All the staff always make sure that the horses are taken great care of, and they really go out of their way to make us feel at home. THANK YOU so much for everything you all do for me and look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Alejandro Karolyi October 4, 2016

Jerry Mullenaux

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[Equine Quarantine] is one of the finest facilities that have the pleasure of being on in South Florida the owner Sarah, deeply cares for animals and has gone to every extent to oversee the facilities and the facilitators that are on staff and visiting Take the utmost care for the animals that are there. Note from a safety aspect and security aspect of your precious one being there all the different ways they are being observed. My recommendation is that anyone that would even question anything about this facility you need to stop by and take a serious look. Bottom line is it’s the Ritz Carlton for your pet, animal or loved one.

January 18, 2016

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If your Stallion or Mare is lucky enough to secure a stall with Rich and staff at Ossian then quarantine care and service will be top grade! Even better your horse will thank you for it.

Kim Weichel January 18, 2016

Hands Down the Best Quarantine

This is hands down the best quarantine I have ever been to! They gave a great staff and a wonderful facility!

Nick Dello Joio January 18, 2016

Springfield Showjumpers

Best quarantine in Wellington

Springfield Showjumpers

Best quarantine in Wellington. Great facilities, super friendly staff and great service!

Alexander Zetterman January 18, 2016

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I have had the privilege of running a quarantine with Rich Faver a few years ago, which afforded me the opportunity to see Rich in action, and to work along side him. Though a man of few words to many, and never a boast, Rich’s knowledge of the quarantine process, and equally important, his horsemanship, can not be overstated. His care in handling the most difficult and/or world-class stallions in the heat of live breeding 2 mares, and his precautions for safety set in advance, assures the owner, vets and other handlers that everything is in control.

Adrienne Rowles January 18, 2016


Judy Garofalo


For every horse that I import from Europe, I send them to Ossian Ventures CEM. I have the upmost confidence in the staff and the facility. The staff does a great job in getting my horses out in a timely matter and ready for the show ring.

Judy Garofalo Torres October 14, 2015

5-Star Resort

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“It’s a five star resort for your horse!!”

Pamela R Florida August 26, 2013