South Florida Equine Quarantine

We provide quarantine services for all South Florida horses. South Florida Quarantine meet all quarantine requirements for stallion and mare import into the US and for Florida. Our South Florida Quarantine services include:

  • Full import quarantine export services
  • Veterinarian inspection upon arrival
  • Mares will be quarantined for approximately 14-16 days
  • Stallions will be quarantined for approximately 35-45 days
  • Wellington Quarantine board includes your choice of grain, hay 4 times daily, hand-walking twice daily and basic care
  • All State mandated CEM testing and procedures.
  • Veterinary procedures/cultures of 2 test mares.

South Florida Equine Quarantine at Ossian Ventures is a fully staffed facility open year round. With 24-hour video surveillance of every stall, nightly checks and 120’ x 210’ arena will provide your horse with a safe quarantine environment where your horse will stay fit. Our facilities are open 7 days a week to meet the busy competition schedule.

Hurricane Safety
Many equestrians do not realize that Hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th. Our facility offers the ONLY barn in Florida specifically designed to today’s code requirements.