CEM Quarantine

Our CEM Quarantine at Ossian Ventures provides full import quarantine services and export services for all horses. Our experienced staff and veterinarians are more than capable of providing you and your horse with the exceptional care you deserve.

What is CEM?
Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) is a sexually transmitted disease among horses. Clinical signs include a mucopurulent vaginal discharge, abortion and infertility. Stallions show no clinical signs. Stallions and mares can become chronic carriers. The transmission naturally occurs by mating, but contaminated instruments and equipment may be an indirect source of infecting mares and stallions.

A qualified CEM Quarantine veterinarian inspects all horses. This initial health inspection along with the payment of state fees will initiate the CEM quarantine protocol.

Mares will be quarantined for approximately 14-16 days and stallions will be quarantined for approximately 35-45 days. During this time the USDA and Palm Beach Equine Clinic will conduct all CEM Quarantine testing to clear the stallion for entrance into the United States.